The Berkley Fishing Team of Ohio is a non-profit organization with the following purpose and objectives.
To promote the sport of fishing by acquainting the public with fishing as a family oriented sport open to men,
women, and children of all ages. Our mission is to help all persons interested in the sport of fishing to
improve their fishing knowledge by answering their questions, and inspiring children to learn the values
associated with fishing and conservation so that the sport of fishing will prosper for generations to come.

The purpose of these scholarships is to help promote further education for college students interested in
environmental sciences. Higher consideration will be given to students concentrating in aquatic sciences,
however the scholarship is open to students majoring in any area of environmental science.

There are two $1500 scholarships available. The first is for an undergraduate student in his or her first two
or three years of college and planning to major in some area of environmental sciences. The second is for a
college senior or graduate student with a major or degree in some field of environmental sciences.

Undergraduate Scholarship
Must be going to an Ohio College or University   or
Be an Ohio Resident going to an out of state College or University
Must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 year undergraduate program for the upcoming fall quarter or semester.
This would include a second year in a 2 year program

Senior or Graduate Student Scholarship
Must be going to an Ohio College or University   or
Be an Ohio Resident going to an out of state College or University
Must be enrolled as a senior in a 4 year degree or graduate student for the upcoming fall
The Berkley Fishing Team Of Ohio Environmental Scholarship
Regulations and Selection Process:

The scholarship may be applied to any of the following areas: tuition, housing, books, any fees.

1. The application may be sent on paper copy or emailed.
2. Two letters of recommendations must be received on paper copy with a signature and dated. One letter must be from a professor or
graduate assistant with their title stated on the letter. The second letter should be a character reference from a non-relative, preferably a
past or present employer.
3. Copy of Transcript

Qualifications are based on:

1. Desire and need for financial assistance to further education in a field of environmental sciences.
2. Citizenship and respectability in your educational community.
3. Scholarship

The final selection will be made by the Berkley Fishing Team of Ohio Scholarship Committee.

Completed paper copies, transcripts, and all references should be returned to:
Berkley Fishing Team Environmental Scholarship
9910 Gerdanville Ave.
Waynesburg, Ohio  44688

If the application is e-mailed send

Deadline- May 15, 2018

If selected you will need to send a copy of your fall schedule and bill. The check will be made out directly to the recipients.
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